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Jones Lee

Vice Chairman. Producer

Lee graduated from The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, majoring in Arts, Event and Stage Management, and finished his Executive Master of Arts Degree in Arts Management and Entrepreneurship in The Hong Kong Education University. He now works for producing and promoting Chinese traditional theatre arts, and currently the Producer of the Jones Production Limited, Co-Founder of the Azure Seas Cantonese Tradition Theatre, Head of Operation of Youth Square, member of the Hong Kong Association of the theatre Technicians and Scenographers. Lee had successfully organized various activities of performance, academic exchange, heritage conservation and traditional culture, when he work in the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts.


Recently, Lee had participated in the “The International Festival of Inclusive Arts” by Homes Affairs Bureau and the Arts with the Disabled Association Hong Kong in 2008 and 2009, “Arena” (2010), “Martyrdom” (2013), “His Butterflies” (2014), "Arena" (Rerun in 2015, Korea Tour in 2017, Tri-run in 2018) by Utopia Cantonese Opera Workshop, "The Third Pixel" in Hong Kong Arts Festival 2010 by Dr Samson Young and "The Tree Rhapsody" in Hong Kong Arts Festival 2011, “Hong Kong International Drummer Festival” in 2017 by Dr Tang Lok-yin, and the Hong Kong tour performance by AnHui Opera House. Lee also collaborates with Winepipe Chinese Music Ensemble, a local Guangdong music group, to stage performances and tours overseas.


After producing the Taipei Hong Kong week performance with Winepipe Chinese Music Ensemble and The Young Academy Cantonese Opera Troupe in 2016, Lee had produced the “EGGssentially Art” and “Lee Gardens SUET GO CHIC” by Lee Garden Foundation from 2017 to 2019 and “Music in Town Festival” by New Town Plaza from 2013 to 2017. The next engagement will be the role of Artist and Production Coordinator in the “Pavilion of a Hundred Flowers” (Hong Kong Arts Festival 2018 and 2019 by Dr Fredric Mao) for the tour performance in Great Bay Area including Shenzhen and Guangzhou, even some of the major international cities such as Shanghai and London in the year of 2019 to 2020.

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