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2022 Community Cultural Ambassador: CANleidoscope


CANleidoscope aims to bring the multifaceted Cantonese Opera into the community, with the younger actors of the group as the foundation, pioneering an innovative and interesting perspective of appreciation of Cantonese Operas, enabling the general public to see the beauty of Cantonese Opera. Activities include community tours, lectures and exhibitions. Through this CANleidoscope, the public can have a glimpse of the finesse and subtlety of the world of Cantonese Opera.

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CANleidoscope Lecture Series
CANleidoscope Exhibition
CANleidoscope Exhibition
CANleidoscope Exhibition
Please stay tuned for our programme updates

Performance Review

CANleidoscope Community Tour
12 Jun | ​Sai Wan Ho Civic Centre 
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