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Paris Wong


Education & Outreach Director. Actor

Paris is a Cantonese opera youth performer, he plays the "dan role" (female character). His falsetto is excellent and he is an expert in performing the "Hung's singing style" of Cantonese opera diva Hung Sin Nui, and was taught personally by Miss Hung. ​

The prizes He has won: 

Champion in "Hong Kong Schools Cantonese Operatic Songs Competition"; "The National Youths Xuqi (the folk art forms) Singing Contest" in Beijing and was awarded "The Judge's Special Award ''. "The Hung Style Yueju Performing Arts Competition” was awarded the “Excellent Performance Award” in Professional Excerpts group.

He established the Pine Moon Cantonese Cultural Arts Centre in 2007, engaged in Cantonese opera production, outreach and education. In 2010, he composed and published his first Cantonese opera CD “The Forbidden Love of the Qing Palace”. In 2014, He started to host and perform in several Cantonese Opera music programmes, such as "Sharing the Harmony" of D100 Radio and "Thé' à la Loisir Nocturne" in Lockcha Tea House of Hong Kong Park. Over the years, he leads his troupe “Moon on the Water Stage” in co-operating Cantonese Opera workshops: “Soar Through the Yueju Stage” with different community groups and educational institutions.

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