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About Us

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Founded by Mr. Hong Hai, Azure Seas Cantonese Traditional Theatre is an emerging troupe based in Hong Kong. Our derivate artistic goals are: Inheritance and Reformation, Cultivation and Training, Cantonese Traditional Theatre Works and Overseas Tour.

Possessing extensive-stage experiences, the troupe has produced and initiated selective classic plays and has toured to much acclaim overseas, subsuming our first-time appearance on the Sun Princess cruise and a HKADC funded performative excursion to New Zealand, Sydney and Melbourne in joint force with local presenter Australiasian Art & Stageworks Inc.

Dedicated to incubation of youth, Azure Seas Cantonese Traditional Theatre restlessly trains new breed of aspiring young Cantonese traditional theatre practitioners. Many of whom are outstanding graduates from the Chinese Opera Programme (Cantonese Opera Performance) of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. Apprenticed professionally both theoretically and practically, young members of the troupe demonstrate boundless energy and theatrical talent, maintaining a team of high vivacity and scintillating performative skill.

Alongside our mandates to nurture new blood, we are dedicated to promoting Cantonese traditional theatre work through theatre education to ignite appreciation for traditional Chinese culture.

Since Year 19/20, with the support from Arts-in-School Scheme under the Hong Kong Arts Development Council, the troupe has been partnering with HKSKH Bishop Hall Secondary School to organize tailor-made educational initiatives.

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